The Rich Black Guy Is Making Everyone Smile!


If you haven’t heard of Richard Guy aka “Rich Black Guy” then you will soon enough. The Maryland native is constantly bringing smiles to many social media users by his comical videos. Richard started making these sensational comical videos since March of 2018 and he doesn’t intend to stop.

In Richard own words he states “I work from home almost every day as a Graphic Designer and I have long periods where I either get designer’s block...  or I’m bored. I’ve watched and followed many Instagram comedians for awhile now and admired their ability to consistently produce entertaining content by just being themselves. I decided to join the community and pick up this new hobby because I wanted to express it myself and my opinions on hot topics through humor. It seems fun and easy and allows me to be myself”.

Alongside with Richard building a decent fan base through his entertaining videos. Jada Pinkett Smith even showed her support by reposting one of his reaction videos on her well known “Red Table Talk” series. Till this day Richard is truly grateful for Jada Pinkett Smith sharing his video.

Currently Richard is working on more comical skits. Also he is looking into collaborating with other entertainers who enjoy creating content and hopefully building a team in the DMV area.

To stay updated with Rich Black Guy follow him on these social media platforms:

Instagram: @richblackguy

YouTube: Rich Black Guy